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Senior Finding a Great Job as an In Home Aide
Why In Home Aide Jobs Are the Best Positions for Retired People Who Want to Work Again

The Main Obstacles to Seniors Finding Work

Many retired people who want to return to the workforce feel intimidated about the prospect.  Some haven’t held a job for a decade or more and wonder if they can even find employment.  They believe no one will want to hire them.  They feel confused about all the new technology involved in the hiring process.  They also worry they no longer have the stamina for a forty-hour work week.   Golden Way Home Care in Washington, North Carolina offers a fantastic opportunity for seniors who feel this way and would like to work as In Home Aides.

Why In Home Aide Jobs Are the Best for Elderly Workers

Home care jobs do not require a great deal of manual labor.  The work isn’t vigorous and can easily be performed by senior citizens who want to return to the workforce.  More importantly, these jobs provide companionship and a rewarding experience to elderly employees who often face loneliness due to losing loved ones to time and age.

Golden Way Home Care in Washington, North Carolina Makes the Hiring Process Easy for Seniors

Since many seniors feel intimidated by technology and may not know how to apply via Indeed or LinkedIn, we have made the process simple and pain free.  Anyone interested can apply directly at our office, located at 2501 W. 5th St. or  Click Here to Apply


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