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Person Meditating

Meditation Class for Seniors Starts Monday, June 5, 2023

Golden Way Home Care Sponsors a Free Meditation Class for Those 55 and Older Starting the first Monday in June,  we are proud to announce our meditation course for seniors will begin at the Grace Martin Harwell…

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Senior Finding a Great Job as an In Home Aide

Why In Home Aide Jobs Are the Best Positions for Retired People Who Want to Work Again

The Main Obstacles to Seniors Finding Work Many retired people who want to return to the workforce feel intimidated about the prospect.  Some haven't held a job for a decade or more and wonder if they can…

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Notice of Location Change for the Free Seniors’ Meditation Course

Last month, Golden Way Home Care announced a free meditation course for seniors aged 55 and older.  Originally, the class was going to be held at our office on W 5th St in Washington, NC.  Since then…

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Find Job Security During a Likely Recession with an In-Home Aide Position

Rising Inflation and Recent Layoffs Make Many Workers Fear the Future With many economists predicting a coming recession for 2023-24, and several corporations, like Walmart, 3M, Lyft, David's Bridal, and others, already laying off workers by the…

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The Best Job for Nursing Assistants (NA1) in Eastern North Carolina

How to Choose the Best Job as a Nursing Assistant Due to the shortage of Nursing Aides in North Carolina, newly certified NA1s may feel overwhelmed by all the employment opportunities available to them.  They may not…

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