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Coronavirus Policy Updates

Golden Way Home Care continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to make adjustments to our polices as the need arises or as federal and/or state law requires.

We are taking procedures to help keep our clients and employees safe and healthy. While we always use universal precautions and the highest cleaning techniques as possible within our client’s homes, we are adding to these efforts. The steps below are not all the procedures in place to help combat the pandemic, however, they are the major efforts to keep our clients and employees healthy.

  1. No employee with cough, fever and difficulty breathing will be allowed to provide care in any client’s home. Employee(s) with those symptoms will be instructed to contact their Primary Care Physician (PCP) or local Health Department.
  2. Any client that presents with cough, fever and difficulty breathing will be advised to call or visit their PCP. If client test positive and not hospitalized, we will provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to allow employee to provide safe In-Home Aide services.
  3. We ask all clients and client family members to limit visitors into each client’s home due to the risk of exposure. Since our company does not own our client’s homes, we can only recommend the client or client’s family limit visitors for the next 30 days. Any family member that is sick or test positive for COVID-19 please do not visit client until deemed well. The company will continue to try to limit the number of different Aides at each client’s home to the best of our ability.
  4. All employees will wash hands with soap and warm water right after entrance and before exit of client’s home. Hand sanitizer will only be used if soap and water is not immediately available. Employees and clients are required to wash hands frequently (5 or more times) throughout the day.
  5. All employees will sanitize common touched surfaces (door knobs, light switches, refrigerator handles, remote controls and etc.) within the client’s homes. We are requiring this to be done at least two times a day.
  6. We require that all employees limit travel with clients to only doctor’s appointments. Do not have clients in public places like grocery stores, churches or other social gatherings.

While some may think that these practices are unnecessary, please remember that we have employees, clients, and families who are immunosuppressed and that are in greater risk for serious complication due to COVID-19, Flu or any other disease. The office does have some cleaning supplies (sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer and hand soap) available for anyone. We have made our own hand sanitizer to help combat the shortage. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our procedures to minimize the COVID-19 exposure please feel free to contact us. Any further information about COVID-19 please visit CDC or NC DHHS.

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